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Amarula Giftbox

Description : This product contains an Amarula Giftbox. Amarula is a cream liqueur from South Africa. It is made with

Amarula Spoils


Description : 

Sweet and creamy Amarula spoils which is made from fresh hand picked supreme quality Marula fruit , can make anyone's mood lit up.

Black Box of Jameson

Description : This product contains a Black Box of Jameson. Jameson is a blended Irish whiskey produced by the Irish

Black Box of Johnnie Walker Black

Description : This product contains Johnnie Walker Black Label.  Johnnie Walker Black Label is a true icon, recognised as the benchmark for all other

Bombay Dry Gin Hamper

Description:  This full and intense test gin contains quality ingredients like Coriander, Citrus , Licorice and walnut which makes suitable for vegetarians. Bombay London gin is handcrafted in tiny batches to survive you the best. In special occasions you can surve this in a large wine glass with cubed ice and add 30 ml of this gin, squeeze lime and top it off with tonic water. Pair this up with Ferrero chocolates to complete gift.  

Ciroc Vodka Gift

Description :  This Ciroc vodca has distilled 5 times from supreme quality grapes which can only be found in Gaillic region of France, in a result, this Vodca delivers elegant smooth feeling into your mouth. Buy this and drive into unexpectedness of this unique luxury Vodca. Pair this up with Lindt excellence dark chocolates or almonds from us and gift someone to make their day special.

Delicious Dark Chocolate & Wine


Description : A classic red wine from Coastal Region. It contains more than 65 black fruits (including black cherry and delicious plum). Pair this up with Lindt excellence dark chocolate and gift someone to make their day special.

Double Gin Glass Gift Box

Description :  This gift contains fancy pair of gin glass, Ferrero chocolates and fresh , bright , garden Tulips. Tulips are symbol of deep , true love as this flower is loved from centuries by many. You can gift this to someone you truly feel love for , it can be your partner , parents or bestfriend  

Experts Red Mixed Case

Experts Red Mixed Case. Send Flowers Online with Izami Florist/ Bloemiste. Our arrangements are some of South Africa’s most beautiful

Jack Daniel’s Gift

Description : This product contains Jack Daniel’s. Jack Daniel’s is a brand of Tennessee whiskey and the top-selling American whiskey

JC Le Roux Gift Delight

Description :   This is a sweet , balanced , sparkling wine (7.50% alcohol) with hint of litchi, pineapple and granadilla. This wine own 2013 International Wine and Spirit Competition–Silver. Pair this up with thai chicken curry or traditional brandy pudding.

La Motte Special Gift Box

Description :  Product contains La motte wine, which is an earthy, dusty nose with fruits (Raspberry, mulberry) and hints of mint with cinnamon spice. This wine won China wine and spirits awards in 2020. Gift this to someone and make their day special. To pair this spicy, fruity, earthy wine we added Lindt chocolate at this gif box to balance your taste buds.